Fenix Group LLC was created in 2001 by a group of professional American and Russian designers and engineers. The company specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing the interiors and practically all internal components for railway passenger transportation, buses, and trolley’s.


Our highly skilled engineers and designers are dedicated to innovating and bringing to life the latest beautiful complete interiors or single components for new projects and prototypes that are a supreme comfort both on the eye and the body. The company follows the latest technological trends using high quality materials creating an eco-friendly, fire resistant, anti-vandal and overall fine quality products. In order to stay ahead of our competitors, taking into consideration time, cost, and most importantly the quality of our products, we produce many parts, components, textures, and the finishes ourselves at our facilities.


Over for more than the past decade, our company has acquired a wide range of experience in producing the latest modernized trends, varied in all styles for railway passenger, commuter buses, and trolly’s.


The Fenix Group Company complies with International Certification Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 15085.

Our goal is to utilize the best strategies, including the use of quality manufacturing equipment and the best possible employee training for optimal output performance from our facilities. We are still in business because we understand the importance to produce quality, mass production at competitive prices for all our customers.


Every project is significant to us. We work with and have the latest certifications to fulfill the latest requirement including the required machinery and equipment to manufacture according to International standards. We value each customer and desire to produce the latest innovations to accomplish a bright future with the ongoing relationship and satisfaction of each and every customer.


Our department of product innovations has significantly improved the comfort, functionality, and characteristics of all products that we manufactured including new products in the future pipe line of our company and has attracted the attention of many in the business. It is our job to raise the bar in comfort and safety for all of our manufactured interior components. It would be our pleasure to develop the perfect interior set and components for you.



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